Have a lake, water garden or garden pond? Then you need pond supplies!  Boggy Creek Pond Supply, LLC sells products for managing lakes, ponds and water gardens including pond liners, water treatments, fountains, aerators, algae control, skimmers, fish food, pumps, beneficial bacteria, pond microbes, pond enzymes, and more.  Browse our selection of pond supply products for garden ponds and waterfalls.

This website is different from other pond product sites you will find.  Boggy Creek Pond Supply was created by professional lake and pond managers, aquatic biologists, and commercial aquatic applicators. Throughout these web pages our staff of experts will share their knowledge on managing water resources.

We have a great selection of pond supply products and information available for you on our website and blog. Our goal is to provide you with the right products for your lake or pond, along with the knowledge to use them properly. We hope you will benefit from the information that we provide with our products, and we appreciate your support of our business!