Travelling For Business

Written by Kevin Howard

We all travel for different reasons. Business travels are common and frequent. For business, you may travel for building new partnerships, visiting customers, visiting project sites, and overall networking. Well, if you travel frequently, you need to ensure that you lead a balanced lifestyle regardless of how busy your travel activities get. Here are several ways you can have smooth journeys as well as enjoy a balanced lifestyle while at it.

  • One go-to Piece of Luggage

We all understand the challenges of traveling around with more than one luggage. For this reason, it is vital to get a go piece of luggage that allows you to carry everything you will need for the trip altogether. Moreover, always do your best to pack half of what you have in mind because most of the time you end up using only 2/3 of what’s in the briefcase.

  • Stay Nourished

You will realize that in many instances, you tend to compromise on your diet while on your business travels. More often, it is because you will opt to take fast foods most of the time. Let’s take a look at some diet ideas that you could use to stay healthy while on your stay at the hotel;

  • Breakfast – fresh fruit, wholesome granola and a cup of coffee
  • Dinner – organic wine

  • Carry a Pre-charged Phone Charger

You don’t want to run out of phone battery the moment you are required to send or read some urgent emails. Therefore, you will need a pre-charged charger like the AnkaPowercore that adds on to your battery life significantly.

  • Bring your family

As much as you are on a business trip, you can consider tagging your family along to save you the pressure of missing them. It can help you handle serious business matters. However, you will need to find the particular hotels with a friendly environment for the family. Precisely, if you tag along with your young ones, make sure you board at a place where they will get access to a healthy menu.

  • Exercise

If you are regularly on business travels, you may find yourself neglecting the gym. To avoid such instances, always ensure that you set aside time to break a sweat while on your travels. For example, you can take a moment in the gym or a biking session after your business meetings or before. The good thing with exercising is that it will not only keep you healthy, but it’s always a great way to beat fatigue and keep your mind refreshed during your travel time.


If it’s the first time going out for a business trip, do not get lost in the excitement without checking out the travel policy of the company. This allows you to get familiar with your spend limits as well as knowing insurance options and reimbursement laid out for you. Other than that, don’t forget to research your destination beforehand to ensure that you prepare accordingly.

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